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Hi Freelance Writing Professional ~

My name is Suzanne Franco and I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to Freelance Daily – the greatest resource on the net for freelance writing jobs!

As you know, one of the biggest challenges to making all or a significant portion of your income through freelance writing and editing work is finding freelance writing jobs and freelance writing opportunities.

Are you tired of link surfing every day to find freelance writing jobs? Let Freelance Daily do the searching and the sorting – so you can concentrate on writing! We will deliver our daily job source newsletter right to your Inbox – FREE for a week! That’s over 250 legitimate, paying freelance writing jobs for free!

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As you know you can’t turn to sites like eLance or Guru any more, where foreign competition has made the pay rates absurd and insulting. The only real option is to turn to the hundreds of websites , from Craig’s List to the obscure job boards where the higher paying freelance writing jobs and opportunities hide – and that’s very time consuming!

Sifting through those sites takes several hours each day — hours that would be better spent polishing pitch letters or, even better, working.

What if you could put your job hunting on a reliable auto pilot and focus on doing what you do best — writing and editing — while someone else screened through the low- and no-paying ads each and every weekday? What if, on top of that, you got insightful articles that helped make your freelance writing and editing business better?

How Much Is Saving Time & Frustration Worth?

OK … By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much a subscription to Freelance Daily costs. You know you will get a ton of benefits from your subscription, but now you have to decide if you can afford it.

We search over 250 URLs and read and sort over 400 ads per night! We know from experience that would take the average person 3-4 hours to do … and I bet you’ll agree that’s well worth the affordable rate of just $97 per year!

  • We search over 250 URLs per night!
  • Read and sort over 400 ads!
  • Would take the average person 3-4 hours!

We publish the newsletter Monday through Friday making the cost just over 30 cents per day!

Hire Us To Do Your Grunt Work!

So let me ask … would it be worth paying someone else about 30 cents a day to research, sort, and compile the very best freelance writing job leads each and every weekday for you? I bet you’ll agree it is!

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Take a Free One Week Test Drive “on me” and see what you think before you commit to a paid subscription … no gimmicks … no obligation!

The trial subscription is quick and easy to set up and you’ll then have access to the most recent issues right here on our website. Your newsletter delivery will begin the following morning (Monday – Friday) and will be delivered right to your Inbox.

Give it a try and you’ll see for yourself what other successful freelance writers and editors are using to get well-paying writing gigs each and every day.

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We offer a free test drive because we wouldn’t even think about asking you for money until you yourself believe we’ve earned it. So why don’t you try out our newsletter, and our site, for a week “on us.” After you’ve been spoiled by us for a week – you can decide if Freelance Daily will boost your freelance writing career.

You really owe it to yourself to take a break from the tedious task of searching for freelance writing jobs. Take our test drive and let us do the work for you for a week.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and hope to hear from you any time!

Warm Regards,

Suzanne Franco

Freelance Daily
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