Freelance Writing Jobs – June 17, 2008

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Publisher’s Notes:

Good morning! First up today is Letty, about a job listing in yesterday’s newsletter:“My “spidey senses” were atingle when I read this post. Namely because it flaunts a big publication heading and the contact email is to a personal AOL address. This does not jibe with what a BIG name publication would do. I don’t have enough evidence for a warrant but circumstantial evidence has been enough to hang many a perp.
(Can you tell I’ve been catching up on my Law & Order episodes?)

Here is the posting:

Great, Imaginative Writers Wanted to Shake Things Up – Contract (Comp: Send per-word or per-article rate) (Westside, Los Angeles) :
17-year-old Westside Today (formerly Brentwood Media Group) publishes six monthly community newsmagazines across the Westside (Beverly Hills 90210, Bel-Air View, Brentwood News, Santa Monica Sun, Palisades 90272 and Malibu Beach). We have 55,000 circulation, mostly home delivered. You can find us at We are in a growth mode, we just upgraded our format and will soon add circulation. We seek to upgrade our journalism so as to make this a “must read” publication. Each month we’d like to run 2-3 “blockbuster” stories that people will actually read — and talk about. We reach a very influential audience; stories you write might actually make a difference. This is not a staff position, we want to work with freelancers in order to obtain these stories. If you had a full-time job with us, you’d get caught up in the day-to-day drama and we really want you to keep your brain fresh. That said, if you become one of our regular contributors, and later a job opens, you’d be at the head of the line. Almost all our full-timers start as freelancers. We invite you to THINK BIG and submit five or ten story ideas you’d like to write for us. The stories could be investigative, informative, entertaining, great interviews, business-oriented, celebrity-driven, whatever you like. The ideas could be serious, fun, historical, forward-looking — anything at all. All we ask is that your ideas be interesting, compelling, real grabbers. Knowledge of the Westside, its history, its issues and its people is a big plus. Send your story ideas and a few brief paragraphs about yourself telling us why you’re wonderful. Tell us also what you would expect to earn, on a per-word or per article basis. These articles will likely be in the 800 – 1500 words range, plus photos. Please don’t worry that we are somehow trying to “steal” your ideas. We’re too busy. If your ideas are great and you can write, you get to do them (and we’ll be thrilled). We do insist that you follow all rules of journalism (fairness, accuracy, balance, proper spelling, AP Style, facts all checked and sourced, quotes are correct, etc.). Stretch a little, have some fun with this. Send a note telling us a little about your background along with your best ideas to: We look forward to hearing from you.”

Thanks Letty!

Kerri has information on the author featured on her blog this week:

“Today, on KC’s Writers Blog, I have Lorna Collier, a Chicago-area based journalist and author. Lorna talks about her book, “Tilli’s Story: My Thoughts are Free,” a book about a young East German girl’s experiences living under first Hitler and then Stalin, before escaping to freedom by herself at age 16 in the bottom of a potato wagon. The book shows what life is like when lived under totalitarian regimes and demonstrates the value of freedom.

Sounds like a great story, right? It is, but Lorna also talks about the mounds of publisher rejections that piled up before the two decided to self-publish. Traditional publishers rely heavily on their research data of how much a book will sell – but sometimes its wrong.

Now the book has sold over 5,000 copies and the authors still hope a traditional publisher will pick it up.

Read and learn from Lorna’s interview, ask her a question in the comments section before 5 p.m. today and you just might get drawn to have your question answered on the front page of the blog on Thursday – and you will also pick up a great summer read in the form of a free copy of “Tilli’s Story!””

Thanks Kerri!

That’s it for today. Have a good day!

*SmiLes* Suzanne Franco

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