Freelance Writing Jobs – June 19, 2008

Quote of the Day: There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.–Christopher Morley

Publisher’s Notes:Good morning. Two notes today, first from Ilanna about EBSCO: “This is to confirm that my experience with EBSCO has now been positive as well.”Thanks Ilana. That’s wonderful to know!

And next is Letty, seeking unusual questions:

“I know that most of you count on good ol’ Letty for insights to romance and relationships, however, this time I need your questions. Not intimate ones.
I need to know anything that you want the answer to; oddball type stuff, things that boggle you or just tidbits that you’ve always wondered about.

Here is why I so desperately need you input: I am part of a writer’s think-tank of sorts, compiling answers to some of the weird, wacky and out-of-the-ordinary stuff that people wonder about for a series of books.

PLEASE, send me some questions.

Ask around the office,

Play a game with it at Happy Hour,

Use it to break the ice with the hot new temp in accounting.

I don’t care what methods you use, I need questions pronto.

I know I can count on you, the way you count on me to give you the best damn advice money can buy, even though you guys and gals get it for free.

So again, please, please, please, send me some questions.

Here are some examples:

Can you drink pee?

Where did the term, everything is hunky-dory come from?

What is the number-one, worst, most offensive odor?

Is a dog’s mouth really cleaner than mine?

Where does the term “’til the cows come home” come from?

Why do people love o watch car wrecks?

Thanks in advance, and really, this can be fun, ask around and send me all he questions you hear.

You can reply right here or email me at”

Thanks Letty!

That’s everything for today. Have a good day!

*SmiLes* Suzanne Franco

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