Freelance Writers … Have you ever spent your time and energy responding to an online ad only to find out it didn’t pay or they had been misleading? Have you completed freelance work for someone who didn’t pay? Well, please let us know so we can post the information here and warn other freelancers so they don’t fall prey to these scams.

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Looking for a Writer for Sales Letters (Comp: Send rate) (Mississauga, Canada)

January 22nd, 2008

Hi Suzanne,

FYI on this ad:

Looking for a Writer for Sales Letters (Comp: Send rate) (Mississauga, Canada) :
I have a very Unique and New Product that I want to introduce to specific and targeted market segments.Enzines and email have become impotent so I want to send out hard copy mail.I need someone to compose compelling Sales Letters.If you are interested please reply with costing and/or proposal, and contact information.

Here is his response to my submission:

david akins <> wrote:

From: “david akins” <>
To: “empower_u” <>
Subject: Re: CoPyWriTer/EdiTor Will TuRn Your SaLes LetTer to GOLD!!
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 12:37:45 -0500

Thank you for your reply to my request for a Sales Letter. The response was overwhelming.

I wish I had half the professional and creative talent that you displayed.

I have picked an Individual that brings a lot of Talent and Synergy to my Program. In fact she has signed up for herself and has since added 2 other people under her.

If anyone of you are interested in the program, or if you might know of someone that is, I offer $50.00 cash for each new customer.

If you are interested in the product and program for yourself and family, you automatically get $50.00 for each new customer plus you make money on your downline and also residuals on the programs people buy to go with the PAD.

 Thanks  and Regards..Dave Akins 905-615-1061

I don’t understand how someone could “sign up for his program” when he never posted it. Yet that seemed to have something to do with his criteria for choosing the particular individual!


Just a head’s up - TYPO ;)

January 10th, 2008

Writers Wanted for Large Writing Project (Comp: $1.25/word) (Colorado Springs, CO) :
Date: 2008-01-08, 1:05PM MST We are currently hiring writers for a large book project. The individual assignments will be for biographies of pastors and other notables in the Christian community. Writers will receive a transcript of a taped interview and will transform the transcription into a biography of 50,000 to 70,000 words. Each biography will be turned into a printed publication. This is a ghost writer project. Most of the content has been written in the form of the transcript; your job will be rewriting, smoothing, and structuring the material (which is already fairly well organized). The pay on the project will be 1.25 cents per word of the completed document, so a typical project will pay $700-900. Interested writers should submit a sample biography on the person of their choice. The sample does not have to be long; a couple of paragraphs will suffice.

gig for no pay

January 8th, 2008

hi Suzanne –

I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I applied for this “job” listed in the Jan 8th newsletter, and they got back to me and said they don’t pay. I suppose the “college students and recent grads” should have been a tip-off.


Looking for Health and Fitness Experts/Writers (Comp: We’ll talk) (Clark/Cowlitz, OR) :
Date: 2008-01-07, 12:15PM PST, a new health and fitness Web community, is looking for health and fitness experts/writers to contribute to its online magazine. The Web site features a MySpace-like community, where members can create free profiles, find friends, log workouts and nutrition, etc. Subscribing members can access the magazine, which features a multitude of experts. The idea behind the magazine is unique: Members can submit questions to the experts, and the experts will answer in the next month’s issu e. Ideally, all content will essentially come from members, i.e., what the readers want to see included. If you are an expert in the health and fitness field, or a writer who specializes in this area, we want you. We are also looking for beauty and fashion contributors, as well as nutrition and alternative medicine contributors. College students or recent grads will also be considered. If you are interested, please send 2-3 samples of your work, as well as why you want to write for us.

Non-paying or sketchy

November 28th, 2007

Thanks to Jeff for pointing this one out:

Here’s one that was in the newsletter a few days back that left it very possible that writers would be paid nothing.

Writers - Luxury/Entertainment (Comp: Open) (telecommute) :

Have a knack for storytelling? Like luxury? Want to build your authorial portfolio? Highly acclaimed and well trafficked site

has a need for content. Submissions are currently being accepted. We will publish only well-crafted, relevant, succinct pieces. Accepted pieces will receive proper attribution. Site experiences high volume of daily traffic, so it’s a great chance to showcase your work.

Writers who demonstrate significant and consistent aptitude may be offered contract and or compensation per the discretion of the site’s editorial team.



Are You Passionate about Food and Travel?? Hmmmm …

November 26th, 2007

Thanks to Apryl for this heads up: 

The following might be a scam. I responded to the following Are You Passionate about Food and Travel?? (Comp: $20/hr) (Tallahassee, FL) :
Seeking freelance writers to review superior restaurants, hotels and resorts. Requirements: -You are passionate about food and travel -You enjoy writing about your dining or hotel experiences -You are a very good writer -You are a fair and objective positive person -You are passionate about service and hospitality -You currently dine out at interesting restaurants in your home area or in other major U.S. or International cities. -It would be nice if you also stay at upscale hotels from time to time or frequently. -It would be very beneficial if you have a camera and an interest in photography (not a requirement though) -This is something that could morph into a full-time writing and traveling position for the right person. -We are interested in quality, not quantity, so you could write once every couple months if that’s all you could fit into your schedule. If your schedule and desire allowed you to contribute several articles a week that met our criteria, that would be fine as well. Contact us for more details. 

and rec’d this -

Forwarded conversation
Subject: Re: Are You Passionate about Food and Travel

Thank you for your interest in this position.

Here is a little about the company and the position. We are a growing company
that was started by two friends who were not satisfied with the life their 9-5 jobs
were giving them. This is a legitimate offer for self-motivated people wanting to

make some extra income.

You have the flexibility to work WHEN you want and HOW MUCH you want and
therefore dictate how much you earn. You can even work just evenings and
weekends. This is a great way to earn income for stay at home moms & dads,
college students, to pay off credit card debt, or just supplement your existing

Position Description:
Your responsibilities will involve processing responses from online ads (this
process is fully covered in the step-by-step training.) You may choose to work
part-time or full-time, and earn $1000-$3000+ per week. You do not have to contact
anyone by phone. All you need is a computer with a valid e-mail address and
basic typing skills. Each ad takes approx. 15-20 minutes to process - you will have a
virtually unlimited amount of ads so you may work as much as you want and
at the time you choose. There is no contract to sign and the amount of work you
choose to do is up to you. This opportunity has unlimited possibilities - a
perfect option for stay at home moms or dads, college students or anyone who
wants their work to revolve around their life, and not the other way around.

You will be paid $25 to $35 for each ad that you process, depending on the ad
you choose. Payments will be made directly to you. The typical rep will make
$60-80/day with at least 2-3 hours of work.

Method of Payment:
You will receive payment for each ad you process. You are paid for each ad you
process as soon as you process it – you can choose to receive payment after each
ad through check, or have the payments auto deposited bi-weekly. The amount of
money you make depends on how much time you choose to put into it.

The training materials you will receive give you step-by-step instructions on
how to get started. You may begin working the same day you receive your materials
because everything is done online. You could get paid within an hour or two of
receiving the training manual. There is no special software requirement;
everything is done via the web.

Please apply through our now hiring link below.
We look forward to getting you started.

Grow to Be …

November 16th, 2007

Thanks to Jodi for her thoughts: 

Suzanne–checked out the first post– for Grow to Be magazine.  Came up with a blog for the editor complaining about how he got evicted because he started this new magazine.  Does this sound like someone who will be able to pay his writers?  I’d warn readers to approach with caution. 



Freelance Writers for Magazine (Comp: per word) (

Central L.A.) :
Magazine is hiring two staff writers, Accepting freelance submitted material. Writers will have opportunities to submit articles for the online magazine or published directly on the website. Grow To Be magazine needs two writers for a monthy writing for at a per word pay scale. We are also accepting articles from freelance writers, all writers respond for writers guidelines.

Warning regarding post in this morning’s newsletter - Top Model Magazine

October 1st, 2007

Hi Suzanne,
Seeking Articles for New Magazine (Comp: Per piece published) (Arizona; telecommute) :
Date: 2007-09-29, 4:25PM MST Top Model Magazine’s premiere issue will be coming out January 2008. We are a magazine about models and photographers of Arizona. Looking for articles on photography styles, fashion, freelance modeling saftey tips, makeup articles, fashion events. Also local reviews on clothing stores and clubs where fashion events happen. Be creative! But things along this line. Your first published article will be an application article, and if we like your writing we will use you for future paid articles that we have a need for your particular style. You will get full credit and url to your website or e-mail if you prefer for the initial article you submit though, so great exposure throughout Arizona! Thank you for your time, we all look forward to reviewing the fun things Arizona’s talented writers have to offer. -Editor R. Gipson
I would be very wary of this set up! Anyone who is asking for an ‘application article’ is probably looking for free material and there is no promise of future work. This type of magazine can get enough free stories from unsuspecting writers to tide them over for many issues. I am sure the magazine staff are not working for free and the printers are being paid for the initial issue - why should writers be the suckers?  Am also sure that the advertisers have to pay to be part of the initial issue so pay the writers first as we provide the content that makes up the magazine in teh first place.
Cheers, Phoenix

Warning: Edit Discussion Boards (comp: $1200/wk) (Telecommute/Albany)

September 14th, 2007

From Heather:

Hi Suzanne,

I’d be careful with this one…I’ve seen it advertised on well over a dozen craigslist boards over the last week (multiple cities, all over the country), and been flagged and pulled a few times — then it pops up again a couple of days later. That kind of wide distribution makes me question it’s legitimacy. I’d approach with caution, or at the very least would not expect $1200 a week!


Edit Discussion Boards (comp: $1200/wk) (Telecommute/Albany) :
A writer is needed for an ongoing writing project. One will need to create compelling content that encourages others into joining the forum.The moderator will need to actively encourage debate on the appropriate forum board.You will need to possess good ideas and solid writing skillsYou can work this job from your home in AlbanyReply to this ad for more information

From Carol:

ad sends you to membership site and auto responder

This is probably not a legitimate ad. You get an auto response and a site to go to that has you jumping through hoops. I bailed out of the process, so I don’t know what is at the end.


Thanks ladies!!!

Suzanne Franco

A Minor Warning …

September 11th, 2007

From Stephen: 

Take this as a (possibly minor) warning about the below art gallery. Firstly, what they’ll do is give you an artist’s images to write a review about, as a test and if they like it, they’ll use it. Then if they like it, they’ll hire you for more reviews, but they won’t pay you for the first one, except if you later look up that artist on their web page, you’ll see what’s basically your review, slightly reworded. You gave them a freebie, which is usurprising b/c they are so incredibly cheap and will never give you an increase in rates. If you have spare time and like writing about art, go for it.

Freelance Art Writer (Comp: $15/artist press release (150-250 words); $50/group exhibition review (400-800 words); $0.10/word for all other articles) (Chelsea, Manhattan; telecommute) :                    /mnh/wri/415835051.html               
Date: 2007-09-06, 8:02PM EDT Agora Gallery NY is currently looking for dependable creative freelance writers with background in Art/Art History to write press releases, artist profiles,and exhibition reviews for print and online use. Qualified individuals should send their resume and writing samples Subject: Freelance Art Writers

A subscriber’s comment on “Boink Magazine”

September 5th, 2007

Thanks to a subscriber for sending this in to us:

I am writing to you about the latest Heads-up/Scam that was posted today concerning Boink Magazine’s post. I have talked to the editor and researched them and seem to be very legit. I just wanted to give you my feedback on the matter.